The issuance of an order by You for the equipment and/or services specified in the proposal constitutes an order for such equipment and/or services on the terms and conditions set forth in the proposal, including these Terms and Conditions. No other Terms and conditions of sale, purchase or rental shall apply to the transaction described in the proposal unless agreed in a written instrument signed by an authorised officer of OneTek Security. In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no other terms and conditions included in any purchase order, or any other ordering document issued by You or your agents shall apply to the sale of goods and services set forth in the attached proposal.

When the words listed below appear in this document, they have the following meanings:

Alarm Receiving Centre-The place to which signals are transmitted from the system and are monitored.
CCTV- Closed circuit television.
Charges-The charges for the System and the Services, together with all other costs outlined in the proposal and these terms and conditions.
Emergency Response- The procedures the police or another authority carry out when the Alarm Receiving Centre tells them that a signal has been received from the System.
Extra Charges- the Extra Charges referred to in conditions 8.4 to 8.8 below.
Fixed Period- for the whole rental period from the start date unless otherwise specified in the attached proposal. Guarantee- The one year guarantee explained in condition 5 below.
Key holder- A person or third party you or we have chosen to hold the keys to your premises and to go to your premises if we tell them that the Alarm Receiving Centre has received a signal from the system.
Normal Working Hours- 8.30 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays.
Our Equipment- The digital communicator, the software chip and the subscriber terminal unit located in or near the control panel.
Premises- Your premises where the system is installed.
Routine inspection visits and remote maintenance- The visits which we make to your Premises to inspect part of the system in each 12 month period from the start date. We will decide on the timing of such visits. Also certain Intruder Systems conforming to EN 50131 may be remotely maintained and inspected.
Services- The services described in the proposal to which these Terms and conditions apply.
Specification- The document setting out details of the system. This will include any amendments and instructions we issue to you from time to time.
Start Date- For new systems, this is the date we finish installing the system. For systems which have been previously installed at your premises, this is the date we recommission the system.
System- All equipment (and any part of it), other than Our Equipment, which we install at any time including wiring (but see conditions 1.2 (e)(iii) and 8.5(i)), and anything we install when we carry out repairs.
We, our, us- OneTek security
You- You the customer to whom the attached proposal is made.

If the system is not monitored by us, the text below in italics and double underlined will not apply.


1.1  For new systems, we agree to hire the system to you and install it.
1.2  For systems which have previously been installed at your premises:
(a)  Unless you tell us otherwise, we assume that the system, and the wiring and cabling associated with it, already comply with the relevant standards and are in full working order.
(b)  If you wish us to carry out an initial test of the system, we will give you a separate quotation detailing our charges and the work needed to repair, reinstate or reconnect any parts of the system which are not in full working order.
(c)  If an initial test is not carried out:-

  • We cannot confirm that all parts of the system are in full working order; and
  • We reserve the right to carry out a full test of the system at any time and to give you a quotation as referred to in condition 1.2(b) above.

(d)  We are only required to inspect part of a fire system during each routine inspection visit: as a result, all parts of a fire system may not be inspected until 12 months have elapsed from the start date.
(e)  We will not be able to confirm that cables and wiring which have been installed within the fabric of the premises, or buried underground, conform to relevant standards.
1.3  We will carry out the routine inspection visits to the system during normal working hours. Our routine inspections and maintenance may be performed remotely if specified in the attached proposal.
1.4  We will repair the system during normal working hours when you ask us to do so. We will not charge you for the repair if it is covered by our Guarantee in condition 5 or if is covered by the service level you have chosen. You must pay for all other work and visits-see conditions 9.
1.5  If you ask us to do so, we will visit your premises outside normal working hours. There will be an extra charge for this, unless this is covered by the service level you have chosen.
1.6  After the start date, there may be a delay while:
(a)  The telecommunications links between the premises and the Alarm Receiving Centre are set up and activated; and
(b)  The registration period set by the police or another authority is completed to their satisfaction.
(c) During this period, our ability to respond to signals we receive from the System at the Alarm Receiving Centre will be limited.
1.7  After the period referred to in condition 1.6, we will monitor the signals received from the System at our Alarm Receiving Centre.
1.8  If you do not have and keep the approval of the fire service, police or other authorities under condition 2.1, we will only provide that part of the services which does not need this approval.


2.1 You may need the approval or permission from the fire service, police or another authority to allow us to provide the Services. You must also:

(a)  Make any necessary agreement with these authorities;
(b)  Provide any information they need;
(c)  Pay for the relevant approval or permission;
(d)  Meet the requirements of any of these authorities at all times to maintain their approval;
(e)  Tell them if any information you have given them changes; and
(f)  If any approval is amended or ends, you must write to us as soon as you find out.
2.2 You must also do the following:
(a)  Give us access to your Premises so that we may provide the Services for the system and to allow us to remove
Our Equipment after this agreement has ended. You shall move any materials, ceiling tiles and other objects obstructing access to the system or any part of it. You must also supply a reasonable level of lighting and scaffolding, hoists or other suitable lifting equipment if required.
(b)  Use your best efforts to make sure that your Premises and any equipment you provide are safe and without risk for our employees and agents to do what we must do under this agreement. When you place your order, you must also tell us the location of any concealed pipes and wires which may affect the system and the services and about any known risks and any hazardous materials at your premises.
(c)  Provide and maintain a dedicated 240 volt AC unswitched power supply to each part of the system and sound electrical earthing connection where it is required for us to carry out the Services. The power supply must be installed by an approved electrician to the relevant regulations and be safe.
(d)  Provide information about you, your premises, your key holders and any other relevant information so we can provide the services. You must write to us to tell us of any changes to this information.
(e)  Notify your key holders that we will contact them and may need to write to them.
(f)  Operate the system according to the requirements of the Specification and any instructions and user`s handbooks we issue to you from time to time.
(g)  Be responsible for and compensate us against all liabilities, claims, losses or expenses we suffer if caused:

  • Because you or others have damaged or not used the system according to the Specification or operating instructions;
  • As a result of the connection of the system to any equipment or device not supplied by us; or
  • As a result of the events referred to in condition 6.6 (c)

Paragraph (g) above does not affect our liability under condition 6.
(h)  Tell us at once:

  • Of any defect or fault in the system;
  • If anyone tampers with the system
  • If any part of the system is damaged or stolen; or
  • If the system has been subjected to any unusual operating or environmental conditions.

(i)  Pay your telephone, electricity and other utility bills which the System requires so that the services are not affected.
(j)  Complete the log book which we supply, giving details of every activation or event affecting the System, including false alarms.
(k)  Notify us in writing if you wish to keep any parts of the System which we replace: otherwise we will immediately dispose of all replaced parts.
(l)  Keep any CCTV lenses and monitor screens clean and free from dust and grime to enable them to work satisfactorily.


3.1  You must not move or interfere with or attempt to repair the System or allow others to do so.
3.2  You must not part with possession of our equipment or do anything which may affect our ownership of our equipment.
3.3  You must not transfer or assign any of your rights or obligations under this agreement.


4.1  The system aims to reduce the risk of loss or damage to your premises so far as this can be done by the use of this type of equipment. However we do not guarantee that the system cannot be removed, tampered with or made to stop working by you or by any unauthorised person. If this happens, we are not responsible for any losses you may suffer directly or indirectly.
4.2  We do not guarantee to you that:
(a)  Particular losses or injuries will be prevented by using the system; or
(b)  That the system will work continuously and without errors, in particular where interruptions or errors are due to something beyond our reasonable control.
4.3  Our products are designed and manufactured to high standards. However, even our products, like all mechanical and electronic devices, can develop faults.
4.4  We do not know the value of your Premises or its contents and the purpose of this agreement is not to act as insurer of your premises or your contents.


5.1  We guarantee that we will repair faults and replace parts in the system free of charge within 12 months from the start date. Unless we have installed the system, you are responsible for the cost of transportation of the system, or any part of it, from and to the premises. This Guarantee does not apply to the matters stated in conditions 5.2 and 5.3.
5.2  The Guarantee in condition 5.1 does not apply to any equipment previously installed at your premises.
5.3  The Guarantee does not apply to faults caused by the following:
(a)  Incorrect adjustment or positioning by you or others of CCTV cameras, monitor and video settings, computer screens, keyboards or micro-processors.
(b)  Consumable items of all kinds failing. Consumable items are with a finite life such as batteries, halogen and other lamps and bulbs, communication chips, video recording heads, CCTV camera tubes, electronic article surveillance pins, labels or any item that can be used once only.
(c)  Work carried out by police, fire or other authorities, or by any telecommunications agency or other party.
(d)  The circumstances referred to in conditions 8.5 to 8.8.


6.1  We will try our best to supply and install the System within a reasonable time: We accept no responsibility for delays in supply or installation.
6.2  During the period referred to in condition 1.6, we are not responsible for any part of the Services which we are then not able to provide.
6.3  We accept that we must make sure that the System is of satisfactory quality, that it is suitable for the purpose in condition 4 and that the System will meet with the description provided before it was installed. We confirm that we are entitled to sell the System to you.
6.4  For any liability resulting in personal injury as a result of our negligence, our personal liability insurance cover is £250,000.
6.5  Apart from those responsibilities accepted by us under condition 6.3 and for personal injury under 6.4, in all other situations we do not accept responsibility for any indirect loss which we would not normally know, even if the loss is due to our fault.
6.6  We are not responsible for any of the following:
(a)  Losses in relation to systems installed at your premises prior to the date of this agreement arising:

  • Before the completion of our first routine inspection visit to the premises; or
  • During the first 12 months from the start date as a result of that part of a Fire System which has not yet been inspected- see condition 1.2(d).

(b)  Loss due to the acts or neglect of any other person including you, the provider of the telephone line, redcare

or other type of communication technology, a police, fire or other authority or individual. None of these is our agent for any purpose.
(c)  Delays, interruptions or suspensions in providing the services, which are due to any other person (including you), thing or event which we could not reasonably be expected to prevent.
(d)  Loss due to the fact that equipment or cabling not supplied by us is connected to or installed near to the system.
(e)  Losses resulting from:
(i)  The police, fire or other authority failing to act in accordance with Emergency Response;
(ii)  A signal transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre not being received by us for reasons beyond our control.
(iii)  The failure of any cables or wiring installed within the fabric of the premises or buried underground prior to the start date;
(iv)  The activation of a circuit breaker which affects the power supply to any part of the system; or
(v)  Any other causes beyond our reasonable control and not caused by our lack of reasonable care.
(f)  Losses due to you failing to follow our recommendations in condition 7, or given at any time for additions, repairs or any work required to the System.
(g)  Losses outside the purpose of the System in condition 4.
(h)  Where equipment is damaged or lost in transit, unless you notify us writing within 10 days from the despatch of the equipment to the Premises.
(i)  Damage unavoidably caused to decorations, fittings and the like at the Premises as a result of the installation of the System or our providing the Services.
6.1 Our responsibility stops if the agreement is brought to an end or the services are suspended under condition 10. We are not responsible if we choose to leave our equipment at your premises after this agreement has ended.


7.1  Because of the purpose of the system in condition 4, the limits of the Guarantee in condition 5, and the limits of our responsibility to you in condition 6, we strongly recommend that you should take out separate insurance to cover your Premises and the persons at and the contents of your Premises.
7.2  We recommend that you only use one telephone line for the system and that you use an enhanced signalling system which is used to detect line faults, line cuts or tampering with a telephone line.
7.3  Where we have to remove detectors from the Premises for cleaning purposes, we recommend that you keep a stock of detectors at the Premises to enable the System to function without interruption.
7.4  We recommend that you insure the System from the time it is delivered to your Premises.


8.1  You are responsible for the charges. The charges exclude VAT, which is payable by you at the rates current at the time.
8.2  After the first year from the start date and in the years following, we can increase the yearly service charge to cover an increase in the cost of providing the services. We will tell you in writing of the increased amount which will take effect from the anniversary of the start date.
8.3  The telecommunications charge may be changed to cover any increased cost to us of providing or changing the telecommunications Services relating to the monitoring of the system. The telecommunication charge may also be changed to cover any increased cost imposed by the police, fire or other authority or by a telecommunications agency or any other organisation.
8.4  You are also responsible for the following extra charges:
(a)  Installation and rental charges for connection facilities between the System and the Alarm Receiving Centre.
(b)  Taxes, fees, charges or false alarm assessments set by the police, fire or other authority due to the installation or operation of the System.
(c)  Any Extra Charges or charges for work done by police, fire or other authorities, or by any telecommunications agency or other party.
8.5. You must also pay us Extra Charges at our rates for labour and materials current at the time where the following apply:
(a) Faults or caused by you or any other person, thing or event which we could not reasonably be expected to prevent.
(b) The specification or service level says that there will be a charge.
(c) You have asked us to visit your premises outside normal working hours, unless this is covered by the service level you have chosen.
(d) You asked us to change the system, or we need to change it because of changes in your premises.
(e) You break one of the conditions of this agreement.
(f) You ask for help from us under the Guarantee in condition 5 but the Guarantee does not apply.
(g) Any replacements, repairs or modifications to the System are needed but are not covered by the Guarantee or by the Services or are needed as a result of a change in a relevant standard or regulation governing the System.
(h) You ask us not to carry out tests on any part of the System which involves us in additional work.
(i) The storage vessels which form part of the extinguishing part of the system need testing, handling, transportation, recharging and reinstalling.
(j) The external wiring on the outside of the premises, or any wiring installed within the fabric of the premises or buried underground prior to the start date, need inspecting, repairing or replacing.
(k) The System needs inspecting, resetting, reprogramming, repairing or replacing in circumstances where:

  • You, your key holder, or someone else has failed to follow operating instructions, has not locked, closed or secured a window, door or other protected point, has not used or adjusted the CCTV, other equipment or components properly or has interfered with the System;
  • You, or equipment or devices which we have not supplied have caused a false alarm or a failure of the System;
  • Your actions or failures, or those of anyone else other than us mean we need to inspect or make repairs or replace any part of the System.
  • Rodents, or other animals or insects cause damage to or activation of the System;
  • There is a problem on the telephone line or connection;
  • There have been fluctuations or failure of the transmission network;
  • The activation of a circuit breaker affects the power supply to any part of the System;
  • Any computer, IT network, lighting system or other infrastructure or facility provided by you or others which is connected to the System fails or is corrupted;
  • You install software upgrades or any other software on any computers and/or networks connected to the System;
  • Adverse weather conditions or adverse industrial atmosphere causes damage to or activation of the System;
  • a full insulation or continuity test of wiring is required; or
  • Extinguishing liquids or gas propellant cartridges are discharged for whatever reason.

8.6  Unless we agree to do so, the charges do not include any work involving carpet laying, concealing cables, redecorating, replastering, building or carpentry work.
8.7  There will be an additional charge if:

  • You do not provide full access to the areas where our engineers carry out the Services; or
  • You fail to supply a reasonable level of lighting or scaffolding, hoists or other suitable lifting material (as referred to in condition 2.2(a)), as a result of which we incur extra time or expense.

8.8  Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to work with you or others, any interruptions or delays caused by

you, your staff, customers or others may result in additional charges.
8.9  If this agreement is brought to an end under condition 10, the following will apply;

(a)  You will owe us the charges and any other money due to us but not paid at the end of the agreement;
(b)  Unless the agreement is brought to an end under condition 10.1 or 10.3, you will also owe us, as a reasonable estimate of our loss, an amount equal to the yearly service charge which would be due until the earliest date when the agreement could have ended on you giving notice, less an allowance of 20%. This allowance is because we do not have to monitor and inspect the System and because we are being paid earlier than expected;
(c)  You will owe any further telecommunications charges charged to us in relation to the System and/or the monitoring of it where we are unable to claim a refund;
(d)  If you have already paid us more than the amounts due under (a), (b) and (c) we will refund any overpayment;
(e)  We may also take further action against you if you have broken this agreement.
8.10  In the event that the installation of the System within a three month period from the start date of this agreement due to delays not caused by us or our suppliers, subcontractors or agents, we may increase the charges where our material and labour costs increase after the date the tender was agreed or the proposal to which these terms and conditions apply was accepted for performance by you. The increase will be calculated using a formula or indices appropriate to the security industry.
8.11  Where the installation of the System continues for more than one month, we reserve the right to submit progress or interim requests for payment of the installation charges for the System based on the amount of work completed and/or the amount of equipment delivered to the premises.
8.12  If we hold materials for you in our bonded stores, we reserve the right to invoice you for the full amount of those materials prior to installation at, or supply to the premises.
8.13  Where our specification and charges are prepared to comply with a tender or specification prepared by you or a third party or to comply with a relevant standard, our specification and charges will have been prepared in good faith, relying on our interpretation of the tender. Specification or standard. If you seek to impose a different interpretation, which affects our Specification, we reserve the right to increase our charges.


9.1  You must pay the charges on or before 30 days from the date of invoice and no later.
9.2  You must pay the extra charge under conditions 8.4 to 8.8 within 30 days of the date of our invoice or our

request for payment.
9.3  You must pay all other amounts within 30 days of the date of our invoice or our request for payment.
9.4  We expect you to pay promptly. If payment is overdue, we will charge you interest, from the date of our invoice or when we ask for payment until the date you pay at 4% over the base rate of Barclays Bank Plc.
9.5  Even if the system has been delivered to your premises and installed there, the system remains our property throughout the length of the service, unless opting for a purchase then the equipment remains our property until all payments have been made. Until then:
(a)  You must take good care of the System for us; and
(b)  Without prejudice to any other rights we may have, we may enter your premises and repossess the System without any obligation to make good the premises.
9.6 We do not accept post-dated cheques over 7 days


10.1 We may end this agreement by giving you 24hours notice in writing at any time.
10.2 You may end this agreement by giving us at least one months’ notice in writing to expire at the end of the Fixed Period or on a subsequent anniversary of the start date. 10.3 You or we may end this agreement immediately if:
(a)  The Alarm Receiving Centre is destroyed or so badly damaged that we cannot reasonably continue to provide the Services.
(b)  We cannot arrange or keep the telecommunications facilities needed to transmit the signals between your premises, the Alarm Receiving Centre and any police, fire or other authority.
10.4 We may either end this agreement or suspend the agreement or suspend the agreement for a period we consider appropriate if any of the following apply;
(a)  You fail to make payment under condition 9.
(b)  You commit a serious breach of this agreement, or one which has serious consequences.
(c)  You commit any breach of this agreement which can be corrected by you, and you do not put matters right within 30 days of our telling you that you have broken the agreement and must put it right.
(d)  If being an individual, you die or become bankrupt.
(e)  If being a partnership, the partnership is dissolved.
(f)  If being a company, an order is made or you pass a resolution for winding up or the company is dissolved.
(g)  If you enter into any kind of arrangement or settlement with your creditors or if a receiving order or administration order is made against you.
(h)  If any legal proceedings are taken against the System or your premises or any part of our premises.
(i)  If you fail to follow any recommendation we make for repairing or replacing faulty or old parts of the System, or for repairs to your premises which we consider necessary for the system to work properly, or to prevent unnecessary damage to the system.
(j)  If you do not follow the operating instructions or if, for any other reason which is or should be within your control, there are an excessive number of false alarms.
(k)  If you change your premises in such a way that we believe it is no longer practical for us to carry on providing our Services.
(l)  If the police, fire or other authority take away their approval or will only give their approval depending on conditions, which we believe no longer make it practical to carry on providing our Services.
10.5  If we give you written notice of suspension, this suspends what we have to do under this agreement (see condition 1) and we have no responsibility until the suspension is lifted or the agreement ends. We will tell you in writing if we lift the suspension.
10.6  If the agreement ends, we will stop providing our services.


11.1  We may hand over all our responsibilities under this agreement to another company or transfer any rights under it. We may also employ others to carry out our tasks. This will not reduce your rights under this agreement. If we incur liability to a sub-contractor or other third party in relation to the Services which is in excess of our liability under condition 6, you shall indemnify us against that excess.
11.2  If you have made the agreement together with someone else, you are liable both jointly and individually to us.
11.3  Data Protection Act 2018. We may pass on the information you have given to us under this agreement to any police, fire or other authority and, except for security details, to any credit reference, debt collection or public telecommunications agency.
11.4  This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
11.5  We intend that all conditions of this agreement are in this document and the Specification.
11.6  All drawings, illustrations, literature, technical data sheets and the like which accompany our Specification and any weights and dimensions (all of which we reserve the right to alter without notice) are intended to present a general idea of the products described and are approximate only and in no case constitute a condition.
11.7  If you or we want to change the conditions of this agreement, it must be done in writing and signed by you and by one of our directors.
11.8  If we do not insist on the strict conditions of this agreement, we may still enforce all the conditions against you on other occasions. If you break a condition and we do not take any action against you, it does not mean that we will not take any action against you if you break it again or continue with the same breach without putting it right, or if you break any other conditions.
11.9  If a court finds that part of this agreement is not enforceable but can be kept separately from the rest of this agreement, this will not affect the rest of this agreement.

"The Company” is Onetek Security Ltd. "The Client” is the Client and any subsidiary company of The Client to whom The Company provides security services under the terms of this agreement.

1. Service

i) The Company will supply staff to provide the service in accordance with the schedule and instructions issued by the Client.

ii) In the event of no specific instructions being available for a site, the "minimum standards” of operations will apply.

iii) Onetek Security Ltd will supply all security officers with the minimum PPE requirements i.e. Safety Boots, High Visibility Jacket, Safety Hat. If there is a requirement for a higher standard of PPE Onetek Security Ltd can provide at a subsidised cost.

iv) Where there is an unscheduled extension to the hours of service, The Client is charged for any hour or part thereof exceeding the first fifteen (15) minutes.

v) Where the service to be provided by The Company is that of a mobile patrol, The Client is advised that this is a service which may be shared with other clients and as such, may be subject to delay if the Officer/Supervisor is engaged by an incident at the premises of another client.

2. Security Event Log

A Security Event Log must be signed on a daily basis by The Client to ensure that all is in order. The Security Officer(s) on duty will then countersign the log.

3. Requirements on Site

The Client is required to provide a base for the Security Officer which is equipped with the basic amenities namely shelter from the elements, lighting, heating and bathroom facilities. Where necessary, these are to be supplied by The Company at an additional cost.

4. Health and Safety

Security Officers will observe and comply with any Health and Safety documents, which are in force at any site or premises where they are deployed. Please refer to the Health and Safety document.

5. Staff Recruitment

The Company invests considerable sums in training its staff to the highest standard. Consequently, where a member of staff is recruited directly by The Client either whilst the member of staff is deployed to The Client or within six (6) months of leaving the employ of Onetek Security Ltd, a charge of £1,000 will be payable by The Client to The Company.

6. Bank and Public Holidays

Security officers on duty at these times are paid at double (2 x) the standard rate. The Client is therefore charged double (2 x) for these times.

7. Communication Equipment

Security Officer(s) will have a mobile phone on site, to be used for making "check calls” to the Control Centre and in cases of emergency only. The Company can supply additional communication equipment at an additional cost i.e. Radio’s

8. Patrol Monitoring Systems

Where required, The Company can provide patrol monitoring equipment (Deister Check - real time patrol monitoring system) for the Client at specially subsidised rates.

9. Payment

Payment should then be made within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. The Company reserves the right to charge interest at the prevailing base rate on all overdue amounts including any further amounts that become payable under the agreement. The interest will be calculated on a daily basis from the date the amount falls due until the full amount is received. The Company may also charge for any expenses actually incurred in obtaining payment of any sum overdue.

10. The Company’s Liability

i) The Company is fully insured (copy of certificate available on request). The extent of The Company’s liability is pursuant with the conditions of the policy.

ii) The Company will at the written request and at The Clients expense increase the limit of insurance to such sums, as The Client shall specify.

iii) Whilst our Security Officers are trained to the highest standards in detection and prevention of incidents, under no circumstances do The Company guarantee to prevent loss or damage to The Client’s property and premises. The Client accepts that Security Officers are provided as a deterrent to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring. The Company cannot be held responsible for the actions or omissions of third parties. In such cases, The Company has its own internal procedures for dealing with site disputes. This does not interfere with The Client’s right to seek legal advice. Save for instances where it can be demonstrated the Security Officer has failed to meet the minimum standards, The Company can accept no liability for loss or damage to The Client’s premises and for the property of third parties left at The Client’s site.

11. The Client’s Liability

The Client undertakes to ensure to the best of its endeavours that The Company’s access to the premises shall not be impeded and in such circumstances such access is impeded, The Client shall release The Company from their duties under this agreement.

12. Termination

This agreement shall be terminable by either party giving to the other one calendar months notice in writing. Otherwise either party shall only be entitled to terminate this agreement forthwith in the event that;

i) There is a breach of the provisions of this agreement not being capable of remedy or if such a breach is not remedied within seven (7) days of written notice requesting the breach to be remedied, or

ii) If the other shall be declared bankruptcy, if a receiver shall be appointed or if a liquidation or winding-up procedure has been commenced.

13. Variance

Any change to the schedule or service(s) being provided by The Company must be notified to the Head Office in writing giving at least twenty-four (24) hours notice. Otherwise, The Company reserves the right to claim any costs incurred by interruptions.

14. Quotations

All prices and rates quoted by The Company remain valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated in writing

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